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Weekly Programme

Rules and Regulations


Local rules
Local rules of play are available from the club room and from the score cards.

Guide for all Members

  • Repair pitch marks on greens
  • Carry sand buckets to fill divots, or replace divots when conditions are favourable
  • Watch flight of partners ball and note where they finish
  • Remain motionless and silent whilst others are preparing to hit
  • When attending the flag, keep your feet as far from the hole as possible
  • Smooth out foot and divot marks in bunkers with the rakes provided. Replace rakes in holders
  • Do not mark cards on greens, wait until you are on the next tee
  • Do not wheel caddy carts between bunkers and greens
  • Try to keep up with the field, if you cannot, then call following players through
  • Players please keep the course tidy
  • All match cards must be submitted for handicapping
  • Cards for all rounds of 13 holes or more must be submitted

Both in the Club House and on the course, dress must be up to a reasonable standard, having regard to the weather conditions. Shirts and shoes must be worn on the course and in the Clubhouse. Shoes worn on the course and shoes with spikes must not be worn in the club house.

Hole in One
Payment of a hole in one premium of $ 2.50 per annum (Included in your subscription) to the pool, entitles members to a payout up to a maximum of $ 200.00 for the traditional shout if having holed out on the home course or any other course of an affiliate Club in New Zealand. A mounted ball, if required will be paid for by the player.

The Match Committee has the right to alter the programme at any time

Players must give way to ground staff at all times

Practice – Players are permitted to play no more than two balls during a practice round


To obtain a handicap, a player must submit five cards. All players are requested to fill in handicap cards for any completed round. A player with no handicap is not eligible to play in competitions. The player is responsible for ascertaining their correct handicap index. This number must be entered onto the scorecard, along with the club number ( Motueka 270), your computer number and the ESC gross score, before it is returned.

The handicapper may arbitrarily reduce or increase the handicap of players who do not return handicap cards ( sect. .8.para 1C. NZGA). Members are encouraged to check their handicap index before commencing play.

Handicap index postings: Adjustments up or down will be posted on alternate Wednesdays

Silver –0 to 18.4 index
Bronze – 18.5 index upwards

Note: Only financial members of a golf club are eligible to hold a handicap

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