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Date   Event   Synopsis
7th Aug   District Mixed Vets at Tasman  
8th Aug   Tuesday Ladies - Club Championship Qualifying 1 (9) Merle Hyland 5, Nett LGU  
9th Aug   Wednesday Men - Sel England Trophy Nett  
10th Aug   Thursday Ladies - Nett  
12th Aug   SATURDAY Mens - 4BBB COP / Ladies - Club Championship Qualifying 1  
15th Aug   Tuesday Ladies - Club Championship Qualifying 2 (9) Best Nett, Putts, Eclectics 5  
16th Aug   Wednesday Men - Stableford  
17th Aug   Thursday Ladies - Combined Stableford Motueka  
19th Aug   SATURDAY - Men, Mug Medal, Shootout, Hudson Cup 3, Championship Qual Reserve) - Ladies, Club Championship Qualifying 2, Mug Medal  
20th Aug   Sunday - Sloan Trphy and Plate Finals  
21st-22nd Aug   District Pennant Finals - Greenacres  
22nd Aug   Tuesday Ladies - Stableford (9) Stableford 5  
23rd Aug   Wednesday - Open Mixed Vets at Motueka - 10am for 10.30 start  
24th Aug   Thursday Ladies - Russian Roulette   OPen Day - Rarangi
26th-27th Aug   TOTAL GOLF OPEN (course closed Saturday)   18 Holes Motueka Saturday - 18 Holes Nelson Sunday
28th Aug   Monday - Open Mixed Vets at Greenacres  
29th Aug   Tuesday Ladies - Hudson Cup 4 (9) Par 4  
30th Aug   Wednesday - Stableford   District Postal Stableford Closes (W)
31st Aug   Thursday Ladies - Stableford  
2nd Sep   Saturday Men - Championship Rd 1 Par --- Women Rd1 Club Championship starts, Wilton Cup 5   Sept 2nd/3rd - Spring Tournament at Nelson
4th Sep   District Mixed Vets at Takaka  
5th Sep   TUESDAY Ladies - Wilton 5 (9) Nett LGU  
6th Sep   Wednesday Men - Stableford  
7th Sep   Thursday   District: Old Hickory at Tasman
9th Sep   Saturday MEN - Championship Semi Finals Stableford --- Saturday LADIES - Rd1 Club Championship ends Hidden Holes   Lucas Salver & May Rowling Marlborough
10th Sep   Sunday - Ladies, Rd2 Club Championship starts  
11th Sep   Monday - Open Mixed Vets at Nelson  
12th Sep   Tuesday Ladies - Hidden Holes (9) Rnd 1 Club Championship Stableford  
13th Sep   Wednesday Men - Sel England Trophy Nett  
14th Sep   Thursday ladies - Starters choice   Open Mixed Vets at Totaradale
9 Hole tournament at Golden Downs
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